BONUS Meditation: Flowing Like Feathers

June 29, 2018

From Dawn Morningstar's Blog, "Soothing In a Time of Strife."


"One way to make positive change is to be conscious of whether we are taking action from above the line or below the line. The results will be different based on our choice. Above-the-line actions are inspired by higher vibrating attributes such as love, kindness, compassion, inclusion, respect, joy, gratitude, etc. Below-the-line would be their opposites. We always get to choose, in each moment.

Sometimes below-the-line energy can send us in the direction of above-the-line action, where we can have better results, more aligned with our higher selves. For example, when we feel anger about something we’ve read or seen, we can (and should) feel the anger and then tap into the peace within us.

We experience the results of our current vibration. For those suffering right now, parents and children being separated for example, their situation can be elevated based on what WE do. By being authentic in feeling our feelings, moving into places of peace within us—and THEN taking action, we can become a blessing to the plight of our brothers and sisters."

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Feel what you need to feel and then move on
  • Meditate or spend time in the silence to feel peace 
  • Stay engaged with life; don’t withdraw
  • Live in the present and keep your mind clear for the journey ahead
  • Spend time with high-vibe people to support one another and take action from an above-the-line perspective

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